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Free Access


NFT Gated Access

Users will be provided NFT gates access as an act of rewarding the early adopters of Spheron's app. Users that have been whitelisted have access to the site and can mint their NFT. The Spheron NFT launch comes with its own perks for the devs and community members who hold it.

Why NFT Gated Access?

It has been evident across the Web3 space that NFT is playing a very vital role in driving the user adoption. NFT also gives developers and companies to have a sense of ownership of the community in which they are involved.

NFT gated access will also help us to drive a calculated user adoption on the platform by providing premium to our early adopters.

How To Mint NFT’s

Once our new app goes online for everyone, developers landing on the page will only be able to see and perform any actions on the platform if and only if they hold these NFT’s

Below are the steps following which they will be able to mint these NFT’s

Eth or ENS addresses will get whitelisted in the contract after running a campaign on the twitter and other social media accounts.
Developers whitelisted can refer to other developers for getting whitelisted
Developers who missed the whitelisting can request the referral on twitter by sharing their eth address and tagging spheronHQ
Our partners will get whitelisted by the SpheronHq team
All of our existing users have to provide their eth address by tweeting and tagging us on social media platform and after which they will be whitelisted

Benefits of Holding the NFT

The Spheron NFT launch will allow Spheron Team to add many perks to all the dev’s and active community members holding these NFT’s

NFT Holders can participate in any upcoming proposal votings

NFT holders will be granted six month free membership of the platform

All the NFT holders will become first person to access any new features added on the platform

NFT holders will be able to access new products launched by the Spheron Protocol team

NFT holders will be able to access private community for elite members.

NFT holders can openly trade this NFTs in the secondary market

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