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Major CDN Improvement, Support Deletion Action, SDK v1.0.7, Browser Routing Support on IPFS link

Mar 24th, 2023

CDN Improvements

CDN has been improved and now its supports Brotli compression as well along with GZIP ! When making requests with any standard browser that supports Brotli compression you should receive Brotli compressed files which should reduce your response sizes. Also another layer of cache has been introduced to reduce latencies even when first layer is expired.

Deletion support

We're excited to announce that we have added support for deleting Deployments, Projects, Cluster Instances, and Clusters. This feature is perfect for those looking to declutter and clean up their space. However, please keep in mind that deleting these items is irreversible, so please proceed with caution.

Hash Routing Fix

We have resolved the issue because of which you would need to use Hash routing when deploying your web application on IPFS. From now on you can directly deploy your application without any extra steps.

Fixes & Improvements 🛠

  • We have added back the Plan Usage page for the Compute organizations. On the usage page you can now monitor key metrics such as the number of members in your organization, build execution time, the number of domains, and the number of requests that your domains have received.
  • We have added support for Branch searching on the deployment page. With this new feature, you can quickly and easily search for specific branches within your deployment, making it easier to locate the one you need. This feature is especially useful for those working on projects with many branches and can help streamline your workflow.
  • We have fixed the problem that you couldn’t revoke the app after you have revoked the token from the Git Provider side. If you revoke the app, you will just need to reinstall it again the next time you deploy a Project.
  • We have resolved a couple of issues that occurred when switching between different Clusters, as well as fixed some glitches and typos.
  • We have improved the UX for API Token creation. Now, when creating a token, it is clearly indicated whether the token is for a Compute or WebApp organization. This enhancement will help reduce confusion and make it easier to manage your API Tokens.

API Changes

  • We have opened up a new endpoint that you can use with the API Token
    • GET: /v1/organization/{organizationId}/subscription-usage/specialization/{specialization}
      • API Link
        • You can use this endpoint to see the plan usage of your organization.

Spheron Storage SDK v1.0.7

  • We have released a new version of the Storage SDK v1.0.7, in which we have added methods for working with buckets. More information can be found on link.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

Milos Petrovic

Backend Engineer

Ilija Milosavljevic

Backend Engineer

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