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Changelog Notes - V3.1.2-beta link

Oct 7nd, 2022

Mainnet Release 🎉


We are going Mainnet on Polygon and Arbitrum one! Along with this, we have updated our subscription payment architecture. We have stopped supporting the previous way of taking allowance and charging user payment. We have built a more secure on-chain subscription model where users have full access to their funds by depositing them in the Spheron escrow and withdrawing them whenever they want. Users can only withdraw the balance left after paying the subscription. We have also updated pricing for our subscriptions and bonus. Please check out our pricing page to know the new pricing plans.

Those who have already used our Pro plan will start paying with the mainnet token from the subsequent month. After this release, users must again attach their wallet with a mainnet signature. They also need to deposit some tokens to continue the subscriptions. This update won't affect the user using a coupon for the Pro plan.

Fixes 🛠

We've shipped some bug fixes from your feedback to improve your product experience.

Here are some of the recent ones.

  • Domain Registry: Update domain registry endpoint URL to include organization prefix for updating registry address in the database.
  • Notification: Fix the overflow issue of the error message inside the notification box.
  • Dashboard: Fixed pagination logic issue for projects in the dashboard.
  • When creating an organization, the organization name is set to the organization username and vice versa. We fixed the mismatch issue of the organization name and username.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

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