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April 21th, 2023

Clone Template Feature

We have built a feature for cloning any third-party custom templates/projects and deploying them using Spheron. For cloning any custom project, the user must follow a defined URL format to open the cloning page on Spheron. Following is the description of the clone URL and its query params.

Query Params:

  • url (mandatory): UTF-8 encoded URL of the template repo to be cloned and deployed using Spheron. It’s suggested to use encodeURIComponent built-in function to encode the URL if you are generating the URL using JavaScript or Typescript.
  • protocol (optional): Decentralised protocol where you want to deploy the app. Possible values are 'ipfs' for IPFS, 'filecoin' for Filecoin, and 'arweave' for Arweave.
  • framework (optional): Framework used to develop the App (e.g. static, react, vue, angular, next, etc.).
  • rootDirectory (optional): Root directory path of the app inside the repository.
  • publishDir (optional): Path of the build directory (e.g. build, .next ).
  • installCommand (optional): Command for installing the dependencies for the app.
  • buildCommand (optional): Command for building the app.
  • nodeVersion (optional) : Possible values are v12, v14 and v16.
  • envVars (optional): Environment variables as key-value pairs for the app. Format for passing environment variable is as follows: key1:value1::key2:value2 where key1 is key for the first env variable and value1 is the respective value for key1. Key and value must be separated by : and multiple key-value pairs must be separated by ::. After the user navigates to the generated clone URL, they will see the below screen to.

After you authorize with the correct Git Provider, you will see the below screen for adding details for the cloned project. Enter the project's name, select the Git scope where you want to clone the template repo, tick the checkbox if you want to create the repo as private, and click on Create button. Cloning will start automatically; you can configure the deployment settings as required.


Note: Users must give write permission to Spheron App for that specific Git provider(GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket) they are using.

Spheron Platform Fixes & Improvements 🛠️

  • Image Optimization Bonus: we have fixed the issue that the bonus for image optimizations was not working.
  • Github Selected Repository Application: we have fixed the repository searching issue for the Github Applications set up for only a select few repositories. From now, only the selected repositories will be available in the dropdown.
  • Bitbucket Branch Searching: we have fixed the bug that the branch searching was not working for private Bitbucket repositories.
  • Repository Renaming: we have fixed the issue because of which new deployments could not be created for the project after the Repository was renamed.
  • Parallel Uploads: Introduced the concept of Parallel Uploads, replacing the Concurrent Build limit for uploads. The Starter plan now includes 3 parallel uploads, while the PRO plan includes 8. Users can purchase additional Parallel Uploads through Bonus options if required. This change aims to give users greater flexibility and control over their upload processes.
  • Fetch Latest Compute Logs: We have fixed the issue that the fetching of Compute logs didn’t work.
  • UX Improvements: implemented various improvements and bug fixes across the app, including more intuitive naming, correcting erroneous links, adding new loaders, and more.

Spheron Docs

Added detailed documentation on the Spheron CLI, including guidance and resources for developers to integrate and utilize the CLI more easily. This update aims to improve the overall user experience and help developers achieve their goals more efficiently.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

Milos Petrovic

Backend Developer

Abhinav Gaur

Frontend Developer

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