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Landing Page and Docs Revamp, FNS Mainnet Release, API Token Support for Compute link

Mar 31th, 2023

Landing Page and Docs Revamp

We are pleased to announce the launch of our revamped Landing Page and updated Documentation. The redesigned Landing Page offers an engaging and user-friendly interface, making it easier for visitors to navigate and explore our services. In addition, our updated Documentation provides comprehensive and up-to-date information, ensuring that users have access to the resources they need to make the most of our platform. Together, these improvements aim to enhance your overall experience and support your continued success with our services.

FNS Mainnet Release

We are excited to announce that our FNS contracts have been successfully deployed on the Filecoin Mainnet. FNSlib, our comprehensive solution for working with FNS(.fil) on the FEVM chain, is now fully equipped to handle the Mainnet. This means that users can now seamlessly reserve and register a fns name on the Filecoin Mainnet using FNSlib. We are thrilled to offer this enhanced functionality to our users and look forward to seeing how it will enable new use cases and applications on the Filecoin network.

FNS is the go-to destination for users looking to learn more about FNS and register their own names. Here's a breakdown of what users can do on our website:

  • Get information on a particular name or address: Users can easily search for a specific FNS name or address on our website to obtain detailed information about it, including the associated IPFS hash, text record, and ABI.
  • Register a new name: Users can register a new FNS name on our website by simply choosing an available name. Once registered, the user becomes the owner of the FNS name and can update or transfer ownership of the name as desired.
  • Attach an address, IPFS hash, text record, or ABI to a registered name: After registering a name, users can attach various types of data to it. For example, they can associate an native FIL address or other supported chains address with their FNS name, making it easier to send and receive transactions. They can also attach an IPFS hash to the name, allowing them to link to decentralized content stored on the IPFS network. Additionally, users can add a text record or ABI to the name, enabling them to store additional information about the name or its associated contract.

Overall, our website provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for working with FNS names on the Filecoin network, similar to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). We are proud to offer this solution to the Filecoin community and look forward to continued innovation in the decentralized naming space.

API Token Support for Compute Endpoints

We have introduced API Token support for our Compute REST API, providing users with greater flexibility in managing their Docker container deployments. This enhancement enables you to incorporate your own custom logic and manage your Docker containers according to your specific requirements. By leveraging API Tokens with the Compute REST API, you can now develop tailored solutions for container orchestration and automation, enhancing your overall deployment experience.

You can find the available endpoints in the Swagger Docs.

Fixes & Improvements 🛠

  • We have made improvements to the UX of webhook deployments. Now, in case a webhook deployment fails because there aren’t enough resources left in the Subscription of the Organization, you will receive an email notification informing you of the issue. Additionally, you can find the reason for the failure in the logs, making it easier to diagnose and resolve any problems.
  • We have resolved an issue with the Branch Search functionality in the redeploy flow.

Mitrasish Mukherjee

Cofounder & Product Lead

Milos Petrovic

Backend Developer

Abraham Onoja

Blockchain Developer

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